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Raw vegan diet is a plant based diet which includes raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, sprouts and plant based oils. In this diet, you have to avoid animal products, daily products and cooked foods about 48degree C. This is trending diet for weight loss. Many people claimed that they lose weight and look vibrant using this diet.

What is happening in Raw Vegan Diet


Dieting we usually do  by  calorie cutting and(or) exercising help us reduce weight. In this we are losing fat but toxins are still remains in our body. When we stop dieting, fat will  again produces  to protect body from these toxins. This results weight gain.

Raw Vegan Diet is cellular cleansing in which toxins are removed from the body, thus melts away excess fat and create lean muscle.
So Raw Vegan Diet detoxify our body and keep it alkaline. Do you know, the cancer cells will not grow in alkaline body. So this diet prevent cancer too.

The Raw Vegan Food Pyramid


The  water along with leafy greens, fruits and vegetables made the foundation which we need to eat more.  Nuts, seeds, sprouts and legumes will provide us required proteins & amino acids which you need to eat moderately.  You have to include sea weed, herbs, micro-greens, juicing grasses & nutritional yeast, which you need to consume sparingly. You can also include a little amount of olive oil & coconut oil.

Raw vegan Diet Plan

  • Breakfast – Green Smoothie  or Green Juice (Smoothie is better than juice as it contains more fiber, but it may be difficult to drink smoothie first. So you can strain it to juice, then slowly change to smoothie.)
  • Mid day – Chia seeds pudding or smoothie/Nuts/Seeds/Fruits
  • Lunch – Boiled grains or sprouts & Salad
  • Mid evening – Fruits
  • Dinner – Vegetable or fruits Salad

Note: You can make your own diet plan, but make sure that you consume more water, vegetables & fruits.

How to start

Now we are eating more acidic foods, so our body is acidic. When you start the raw vegan diet the body tends to be alkaline and you will get tired.

  • Try to cut down acidic foods slowly and incorporate more alkaline foods in to you diet.
  • Cut down your sugar intake.
  • You can either start with green juice & salads, Or you can be vegan for your breakfast and lunch. So our brain will slowly adapt to change of the body from acidic to alkaline.
  • You can replace your tea/coffee with green tea.
  • Desserts with whole fruits.
  • Drink vegetables juices & fruit smoothies.


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