Health Benefits of Tomatoes includes

  • Healthy Skin
  • Good for hair
  • Fight Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Stronger bones


1. Healthy Skin
Tomatoes contain lycopene, which makes skin less sensitive to UV rays from sunlight,which is a primary cause of fine lines and wrinkles. Studies have shown that drinking two cups of tomato juice in a day helps us to improve the complexion of the skin within a small period of time.

2. Good for hair
Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A which makes our hair strong and shiny.

3. Fight Cancer
Lycopene In tomatoes helps to fight against breast, postrate, stomach, colon, rectal, prostate and ovarian cancer. Lycopene works effectively to slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

4. Diabetes
Tomatoes helps to reduce the blood sugar levels

5. Stronger bones
Helps to build stronger bones. The vitamin K and calcium in tomatoes are very good for strengthening and repairing our bones.

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